Sunday, April 17, 2011

Selamet sore from Jakarta - my new home!!!!

I can't believe it has taken me this long to get to my writing this and I have to say a huge apology to those peeps who have emailed to say where the heck am I ... was I missing in action?

But no - I am very much alive and kicking, just kicking in a different land.

To cut a rather long (but interesting) story short the week of Christmas I applied for, interviewed for, and won, a teaching position at the New Zealand International School here in South Jakarta and flew out on January 3rd. So yes, all very quick but hey, sometimes those sort of spontaneous things are often just what you need after 9 months of dithering!

However it did mean leaving Vince and the boys and Pippa behind in New Zealand... not the easiest of decisions I have to say. 
But I looked on it as if I was doing my own sort of "Eat, Work, Play" experience, not that I look anything like Julia Roberts or that I would have the limitless expense account that she had at her fingertips....damn it all:)

SO into my 4th month and every day reinforces the positivity of my decision.
This is a city of noise, busy-ness, and everchanging-ness ( I know, neither of those last two words are real but I take liberty to create my own words).

I love being back in the class and love my 14 Year 4 mixed bag of treasures. I have a neat bunch of colleagues that I teach and live alongside, I share an apartment with a great young Australian woman half my age who has also left her husband at home. Yes, I miss my man but with modern technology that helps to at least keep in touch.

I have had opportunities already to travel to both Singapore and Hong Kong, and in 8 weeks time both Vince and Mal will be over here for a holiday and then Vince and I will head off to Vietnam.
Hey - is this not an adventure????????

SO - I am back and alive and kicking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Right - off to the gym and then the pool but will share some photos in a couple of days and also update you on the little bit of creativity I have managed.


  1. There you are!!! Put my button on your blog bro!

  2. Wow! I'm completely and utterly jealous although leaving your family behind must be hard. Love that place!

  3. wahoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOu are back!!!! I love the power of your determination to be open and that you have supportive boys!!! Love to you, Em

  4. Visit my blog to receive your "Versatile Blogger" award!! xx

  5. I am originally from Singapore so I read your posts with interest as I too left home (years ago!), but as a single person then. Now I'm a wife/mother & we (family of 4) live in Dubai. How hard it must be for you at times & how strong you must be. Thank goodness you have your sewing in between :) .