Monday, December 27, 2010

Phew - So that was Christmas!!!!!

And how lovely it was:)
Presents were wrapped and around the new tree...
It had all just got too exhausting for Pippa on Christmas Eve and those stockings were just so comfy!
Could be cos we had been flat out trying to finish this for a Christmas day present!!!!! I think she thought she was camouflaged!!!!!!
FInished, bound and quilted before midnight!
And the jandal buttons on top of the tree were just perfect. This present was for the Canadian mum of my brother-in-law who is over for the summer, and who I was buying for in our family Christmas present "draw". Having been to her house I know it is decorated in black and white, and prior to doing our Christmas "draw" peeps were asked to give three words that meant something to them. Carol put down New Zealand, family and 'Kiwi' (the name of her very precious dog). So.......
I made Kiwi her own snuggly polar fleece blankie complete with her appliqued name and pawprint. And if you look closely inside the pawprint I have cut out the shape of the kiwi bird. Carol thought that was kinda neat, and thinks Kiwi (the dog) is going to love her snuggly blanket.
Rugby jerseys I made for each of my nieces and nephews. Next year is the Rugby World Cup in New Zealand so the idea is that our families will be able to get together to watch some of the All Black games on TV and the kids can wear their shirts!!! The red ones are for my Canadian brother-in-laws family! I appliqued all the letters.
My ingenious presentation of a clothing voucher for Mal!!!
Sam's Christmas Eve revelry caught up with him just after lunch - these young 'uns - no stamina!!!!
Mal enjoying the fruits of his (and other peeps) Christmas cracker treats!
My clever husbands work - he made this for his brothers present. They had it hanging on the shed wall before we left - his brother said if he was a girl he would have shed a tear - how touching!!!!!!!
Boxing Day we had all the troops at our place. It was a glorious day weather wise so peeps were in and out of the pool. Food and drink flowed, great conversation and just a lovely fun time with family and friends.
SO from my family (minus my gorgeous Emma in Canada - love you EM) hope you and your family had a special Christmas with lots of love and magical moments.


  1. Awesome post - so many amazing photos! xx

  2. I've been checking in on your blog, but haven't seen hide nor hair of you since Christmas....are you still alive and kicking?