Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas handmade decorations revealed

Finally I can 'reveal' the decorations I made for my peeps cos I know they have all received them now.
For this  swap I made my group of lovely ladies one of these 
I hope they treasure their Tapa Angels and that they become a wee part of their Kiwiana Christmas tradition.
For the other swap I was in 
I had a really super swap buddy Erin, from Erin Carver Mixed Media Art. She is a very talented lady and I was wondering just how my Kiwiana themed decorations would fit with her mixed media artwork.
Wrapped goodies ...
Matching bag to tuck them in ... and what's inside?

A Tapa Angel and a Pohutukawa fairy. 
However these two had a bit of adventure. I must've had fudge brain as I wrote Erin's name on the parcel, but then proceeded to put my address so a couple of days later they arrived in my letterbox!!!! Doh!!!!!! Finally they arrived at their new home and Erin wrote the loveliest account on her blog
But I, too was spoilt by this lovely gift that Erin sent to me.
Erin has this lovely range of mixed media prints and has produced these cards - I love the one she chose for me "have courage" as that is pertinent as I wait out the job situation. Her handmade star has the loveliest button that has an almost paua look to it - she knew I was trying to start my Kiwiana Christmas decorating this year ... thanks Erin:) and the lovely Christmas card even has an old NZ stamp included in the design!!!! How clever is that!
Aren't swaps fun.


  1. we love the tapa angel - ingenious!! Our tree just arrived, so will put it up and put photos of the swap ornaments on my blog later today. Thanks!! Merry Christmas!!

  2. They are adorable!!!!!!!!! Lucky ladies to receive your angels!!!!!! Merry Christmas!