Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hearts a fluttering

Every so often on our NZ Kiwiquilters online group we get the call for hearts. These are for peeps who have a "need' for various reasons - illness, bereavement, trauma, you know the sort of thing.
I read the messages and always think " I must make one for ..." but then time ticks away.
Well yesterday I finally put aside the few 20 minutes or so needed and actually made heart blocks.
These are for a lady who is starting chemo, and a lady who recently lost her husband to a sudden unexpected death.
These are for two sisters. Their brother was the NZ soldier killed in Afghanistan a couple of weeks ago. His mum is a KQ member and also the editor of NZ Quilter magazine. I have dealt with Anne in my role as president of two P & Q groups and she is the loveliest lady, so making these hearts for her daughters was especially meaningful.
So if you are ever in a position where you are asked to make blocks for these type of things, do take those 10 minutes or so - there is an emotional healing involved in the sewing process as well as the giving.

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