Friday, November 12, 2010

Double whammy quilty hugs

Wow! How cool was it yesterday to be doing my usual morning scroll through my blog reading and suddenly 'whammo' there is a photo of one of my quilts on Em Celebrates page - that funky lady had featured two of my quilts full on!!!!!!
They are Emma's 21st birthday quilt

And Jen's 23rd (I think!) birthday quilt
But go over and check Em's page out cos she has the most fun competition (as only Em could have) running at the moment and it will explain why all this chaos is happening!!!!!
BUT why the double whammy quilty hugs???????
WELL not only did I have the warm fuzziness when I saw what a biiiiiigggg feature she had made of the quilts on her blog page, but about an hour later there was a package in my letter box
from the above mentioned crazy funky Em that contained 
Such an Em card and just love the fairy sprinkling her magic fairy dust over.....
these oh so me fabrics that I won a voucher for in yet another oh so fun random competition Em had. BUT I gave Em the challenge of spending my voucher for me and giving me a surprise of seeing how she spent it!!!!!!! AND what a neat surprise it is - so the sort of fabrics I would chose - YAHOO:) Now to mull over what scrumptiousness to create with these - maybe I will try my first wonkiness in honour of you EM:)

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  1. Geez your mailbox must never be empty these days! ;)