Saturday, November 6, 2010

Generous bloggy friends

Oh boy - I am just blown away right now by the generosity that greeted me at the door earlier this week when the courier knocked.
This is what Pippa and I discovered....
Pippa quickly figured it contained no food so mooched off but I realised it was indeed 'food' for me - scrap 'food' of the fabric variety from a lovely lady I have met via the blog world.
Susan over at Tenderoni Quilts had mentioned that she had 'a few' scraps to give away if anyone was interested so I said I would be if noone else was.....well, you know the old saying, someone else's scraps are another quilters treasures.....mmm, think I may have made that one up!!!!!
Well Susan's  ' a few' has left me feeling ever so spoilt and humble -
When I opened the box it was like opening a spring loaded fabriclicious Jack-in-the-box as these goodies jumped out!!!!
Susan you are such a honey:) These scraps are currently chatting with my stash - in fact my scraps are a little embarrassed by them, as what I think of as scraps are considerable smaller!!!!!! 
I am a little overawed that so quickly I have been welcomed into the blogworld and have made some lovely friends already - such sharing and warmth and encouragement from people on the other side of the world certainly connects us doesn't it?
AND if that wasn't enough to get my tear ducts going, I then received another package from Michele at Nostalgic Cafe from a giveaway she had hosted
For me who is stuck at home a lot at the moment getting these surprises in the post is really making a huge moment to "celebrate" (that's for you Em
So thankyou my blogging peeps - I do appreciate you being out there.
Right - where are the tissues.......


  1. Lucky times for you.... I am a bit jealous

  2. What a lovely bunch of scraps. Happy sewing!

  3. How wonderful! :)
    I am new to crafting myself - any tips on becoming part of a community? You seem to have done very well!

  4. Hey there Sadie - just tried emailing you a lovely long email but see you are a no-reply email person:) It's all a matter I guess of visiting other lovely blogs and getting to know peeps through commenting - keeping it genuine though. I have the theory that if I visit and comment others then maybe they will come visit me:) It is such a lovely friendly bloggy world.