Monday, November 15, 2010

First Christmas jingles

I know it's still November but my bestus quilting buddy Sam and I had our Christmas early this year as she will be in New York (envious sigh inserted here) on the magical day. Add to that the fact that last year we actually didn't connect until March and had a combined Christmas/my birthday celebration!!!!!!!
SO two weekends ago we had a lovely day celebrating.
I drove up at the crack of dawn to Auckland as I had a secret mission re jobs for next year... but Sam and I managed to crack open our pressies before I headed off into the city for that!
Inside these three tins (which at the time were wrapped and looking way more gorgeous) were.....
...the 'winter warmers' themed tin. I stopped drinking coffee about 5 months ago in the hope it might help with my migraines, and chai lattes are my treat... and I have coveted this snowman pattern to make up for a very special friend so what a super gift:) Then -
...the "quilting" tin. 1930's fabrics to help me finish the never-ending Wedding Ring quilt that I actually was working on the last time I was at Sam's house but ran short of certain colourways of fabrics. And Sam keeps telling me she is sure I can come up with clever ways of using yo-yos hence the heart shaped yo-yo maker!!!!! Then -
...the "Kiwiana" themed tin. Scrummy coloured felt cos I am making felt ornaments for some projects for Christmas, a Buzzy Bee dangle and 
the cutest caravan dingles (since Emma & Jen stayed in a little yellow caravan when they were over from Canada it has become a bit of a 'thing' with us all) 
 OH and not in the photo cos I had already snaffled it out was the most fab silver charm for my Pandora bracelet of a caravan. Spoilt. Plus ...
... plenty of Kiwiana themed wrapping paper to keep me going for a wee while.
Great pressie and so much thought in it - thanks Sam:)
Meanwhile, I had been working like a wee beaver the day before (yes, as usual I kept to my usual last minute deadline) on completing Sam's gifts although one of them we were going to pick up in Auckland later that morning.
Sam has recently heard she will head off to university next year to do a years training to become a teacher so I had a few teachery bits and bobs for her along with ....

...her very own banner to hang in her teaching office space when she has her first classroom. I appliqued the letters onto various schoolish fabrics I had and then backed it all in a sewing themed fabric that had tape measures on it so it still related to our quilty connection.
Sam and I also have a 'heart' collection and I try to make a heart to give to her for each celebration. I had an idea the night before but had to adapt it at a little after midnight when I was outside in the dark searching for a shell and could only find a large one that wasn't quite right. Onto Plan B.....
And to go with that 'Love" a Pohutukawa angel.
To add to these we headed over to Albany on our way to Calico Christmas - the Auckland Quilt Guild's annual exhibition - to pick up the final part of the present - a rimu cotton reel holder that I had bought off Trade Me (like eBay) which was absolutely in fab condition. AND exactly what Sam had wanted:) On this adventure we discovered a gorgeous wee settlement with a quaint cafe so celebrated lunch before embarking on the quilt show which, as always, was a great exhibition and interesting merchants to browse (although had to be very restrained). 
WIll share some photos of the show tomorrow.
SO lovely to have the first hit of Christmas - has certainly put me in the mood even though it's only November:)

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