Thursday, November 11, 2010

A sea of lycra, tulle and ruffles - HELP!!!!

Oh the joy of sewing cotton - give me 100% any day!!!! But for me over the last week or so it has been nothing but slinky nylon, tulle and lycra.
All because I forgot to say "NO" when a friend asked me if I could help make some costumes for her schools Jump Jam group. For overseas peeps this if probably similar to a hip hop style of dance although with more of a focus on health and fitness.
ANYWAY this is what I was handed
Mmmmm nice as inspiration but guys I really will need a pattern cos I'm not quite that good at sewing costumes!!!!!(Luckily patterns followed but needed to have 'bits' added)
Then came the bag of fabric - in my head I had forgotten there were fabrics out there other than beautiful cotton patchwork fabrics.....
Ohhhhhh boy!!!! I honestly can not remember the last time I sewed something that hadn't got an ounce of cotton in it - I saw my sewing machine shudder as I approached it.
BUT after several days, and two all nighters this is what I managed to produce following my 'brief'
Five skirts a twirling...
Which I had fully completed and then "they" decided needed another layer of tulle under the layer of bright lycra - aaaagghhhh!!!!!
Complete look for the girls - thank goodness I didn't have to make the leotards, but added the two layers of frills by hand.
Then there were the boys shirts...
CHECK OUT THOSE RUFFLES!!!!!!! And that was what the pattern didn't have in it so I had to work out how to do those! At one point I felt like I was gathering satin fabric for miles, and miles, and miles......

And the final look for the boys - with a cumberbund that I had to create with no idea what I was doing but hopefully it won't fall apart as they do their moves!!!!!!!
My friend picked them up last night and is blown away. First dress rehearsal is today but I will go and have a peek tomorrow. Just have my fingers crossed nothing needs 'tweaking" as I really have had enough of touching "THAT" sort of fabric for a while!!!!!!
Right, off to stroke some lovely cotton fabric - mmmm:)

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  1. crazy fun! loads of work! eek! way to go Maree!!!
    can you make me one? ;-) love them ruffles!