Saturday, November 27, 2010

I DO like Wonkiness, Sam I Am!

Gee - where has the week gone!!! Or should I say week and a half? 
Phew - party partied...check.
Quilt completed....mmmm... not quite check.
BUT I have started to get the hang of this wonky business...
My wonky blocks got much better as I got going and a little less constrained.
The top finished but lacking something to make it "zing" and personal...
Yippee!!! Sam I Am added exactly the touch this quilt needed for my own "Sam I Am".
My own Sam is so not able to be fitted into any boxes, so not straight and linear, and has  a certain quirkiness to him. 
This quilt fits my "Sam I am".
And he loved it when he saw it on the night of the party. The backing is still in a state of construction as I had a sudden WOW moment.... watch this space.
Must show you the cakes.....
Doesn't Sam's cake even look like a Suess cake? We are lucky we have an Aunty Louise who is a fab cake creater:)
And where was I for a good part of the evening when I wasn't M.C. for the evening...

And my chosen alter ego for evening of Cheryl West from "Outrageous Fortunes" (a NZ TV programme) went down soooooo well....right from the start when I broke a bottle - totally unplanned of course!!!!
RIght, another quilt to construct awaits and I really do need to try to get this backing finished.

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  1. Hi Maree! your quilt is truly AMAZING! it looks beautiful...I think quilts are the most precious handmade gifts that can become true family treasures :)