Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Baby bunting and boosting book

It's been a productive couple of days and I was stoked to finish this bunting, which I was making for a friend to give as a gift.
Having never made bunting before it was pretty much a matter of just going with the flow but things seemed to work out fine. I found some firm denim at my local wee op shop and used that as my base, then used a selection of fabrics from my stash.
I hummed and haa-ed (no idea how that is spelled!) about putting a backing on them, but after I'd stitched the letters on decided that yep, it would finish them off nicely so hence this plaid. Then it was pinking shears all round and voila!
I think young Jasper will enjoy lying in his cot and gazing at these.
Meanwhile the job hunting continues. Last week I had my quickest rejection email to date - applied for a job on Tuesday lunchtime and had a rejection letter in my inbox by Thursday lunchtime!!!! Top marks to that company for efficiency if nothing else.
Have to admit that it doesn't get any easier so when I saw this wee book at the flea market on Sunday I decided maybe I should get it and have it by my laptop so that each morning it might just give me the positive boost to keep my head up
I'm starting to wonder if maybe I should "stick to my knitting" so to speak rather than trying to do something different ........ 
but then I read this and think ... I really don't know 'what I want to be when I grow up'!!!!!!


  1. I love that Pippa snuck into that one shot. And that lil' book was a sweet flea market deal!

  2. Oh Buntings! I LOVE them - yours is pretty neat :-) Good luck with the job hunting.

  3. Thanks for that Clip Cafe - am keen to try some more bunting. And keep on hunting:)

  4. Hi Maree,

    Love the bunting, Sophie wondered if you had made it for a friend of hers & Jess - Phoebe Jasper. She turned 15 on Thursday! Hope you will teach me how to make it too, it looks fabulous!

  5. Hey Sam - am sure Sophie could make one for Phoebe - she's so clever:)

  6. There is one lucky baby named Jasper out there! It's something to think about--how what we see as babies may influence our whole lives.

    Keep your eyes on the future great job. It will happen. My husband was unemployed for 19 months, and then got his dream job.

  7. Love the bunting - how perfect for a babies room! I love the use of denim.

    Best of luck in the job hunting - hope the perfect job pops up soon.