Saturday, October 23, 2010

Playing with dolls

Well not quite playing - more like making, or playing with a pattern that I found in some magazines I have had out from the library (and that are soooooo overdue I may as well have bought them!!!!).
Here are Pepper and Poppet
They are a design by an Australian lady called Fiona Lech of Dear Fii and were in an Australian Homespun magazine. I hadn't planned to make two but, as usual, didn't read the instructions and raced ahead to find out that you only needed one lot of panels for the front as the back is made from one whole piece of flannel or other soft fabric. So rather than waste those orange bits of fabric I decided to make another doll - hence the purple Poppet was born!!!!!
I haven't done any embroidery for ages so it was quite nice stitching the 'girls' hair decorations.
Now that I've done these, maybe I should return that magazine and actually have a go at some of the other patterns in the other magazines and try to get them back as well!!!!! I really am atrocious with library books. Maybe I should stick to lovely tutorials on wonderful blogs now that I have discovered them:)


  1. oh so cute! love the embroidery! I'm not very good at embroidery, I so admire it! nice job!

  2. Thanks V - i am a bit rusty with the ol' needle and floss but it was quite fun in the end ... although did take me aaaages:)

  3. These are adorable! Love the colors you chose, and the embroidery. And that chair! Think I'll have to do that to mine. I've got the same blue chair, comfy, but oh, so blah.

  4. Hey Mrs B, think I could order some of these dolls custom made given a description for Xmas? Please email me a quote per doll. You know where to find me..... i would order online..but where do I do that?

  5. Thanks for you interest Papamoa Toy Library and I feel quite overwhelmed that you are thinking you might like to order a Pepper or Poppet:) I do have a very good friend who is going to help me set up the online "shop" - I just need to get myself sorted!!!!!!!! Will be in touch.