Saturday, October 2, 2010

Bandana bib blitz

So I might've got a bit carried away with the bandana bib making perhaps ....
But once I got going they were sooooo much fun!!!! Some have got the chenille backing and some have got a lovely soft cotton flannel backing.
Then there were the decisions of which fabrics to chose from my stash - because these were for boys that at least helped narrow down the choices a little bit.
The burger one has to be for fast food restaurants.......

And can't you just see a little chap sitting up at a fancy restaurant or wine bar wearing this one while Mum and Dad sip on their chardonnay or sauvignon blanc?????

    I've always liked the Buzzy Bee icon so 
this one was a definite to be made. Every Kiwi baby needs to grow up having had a pull along Buzzy Bee toy as part of their childhood memories.
On some of the bibs I have used velcro fastening - I put this on the ones with the chenille backing as these were a bit thicker - and on the flannel ones I've put a snap dome fastener.
Now I just wish we'd had some of these around when my boys were young chaps - how trendy would they have looked.

Right - off to catch some good sleep before heading off to Hamilton for my Half Marathon walk .... 21km, mmmm .... only a few butterflies in my tummy ....

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