Thursday, September 30, 2010

Feet are made for walking....?


FIrst step (excuse the pun) towards my half marathon was walking the City to Surf 12km on Sunday which was a bit harsh after not getting to bed til 2.30 daylight saving time....mmmm.... hadn't planned that one too well had I!!!! So when that alarm went off both Vince and I had to drag ourselves to the car to drive the  2 1/2 hours back to Tauranga from Auckland ready to hit the pavement along with a couple of thousand others who looked way more energetic and alive than us.
But we don't look toooooo shattered afterwards do we? Although I do wish I glowed healthily rather than looked like Rudolph with bright red cheeks.
It was great that the day was nice and clear - in fact the last couple of kms round Mauao (that's the Maori name for Mt Maunganui) was literally stunningly hot, and I was hanging out for that energy drink at the finish breakfast meant my blood sugar levels were somewhat lacking, not helped by the two nights of limited sleep from my quilting marathon!!!!
Now training wind-downs as I head into this Sunday's Hamilton Half Marathon....... remind me why I'm doing this again?

And not that I am into extrinsic motivation but I will share my certificate with you all, as well as my not too shabby results: I came 94 out of 760 walkers yesterday, 71 out of 612 females, and 14 out of 91 in the female 45-49years
Meanwhile on the home front I am enjoying doing some smaller sewing projects and a friend wanted some baby gifts so yesterday I began making some bandana bibs that I have been wanting to try making.
This is one almost done and the next one about to be cut out. I found a great cotton candlewick/chenille dressing gown at the op shop and have used that to back it with, and then discovered in my stash some lovely soft flannel so am using that to back some others. Need to finish them today with snaps or some velcro, and then see how they look. It's fun to be working on some little projects for a change.


  1. Well the half marathon is my fault and you have set a great standard we are so going to be in the top ten next time! And I am looking forward to my bunting too..aren't I so good at motivating you...shame it doesn't work on my ownself quite so well!!xxx

  2. and did Tony open his present yet we all need to know!!???