Saturday, September 4, 2010

Beaut Banner and aching bits

Spring has sprung and it's brought some much needed blue sky this week although the rain is still hanging in there unfortunately. 
I had a great start to the week with two days relieving. Such fun in first a junior class, and then a Year 3/4 class. I'm loving spending time back in classrooms with kids, rather than being in the management area.
Have managed to get some creative time along the way as well, and worked on a 'commission' for a friend whose husband sells plants at local weekend markets. Tanya wanted a banner or flag that her lovely John could put up at his stall.
So with that brief.....
this is how it turned out.  He grows wonderful hibiscus ..... umm hibiscii?? Well they are gorgeous anyway so that's what Tanz wanted featured on it and red if possible. I'm pleased with the end result, although hung this out on the line in a rush to take the photo before heading over to go for our training walk and it's a bit wonky.
That one's a bit clearer although the background fabric colour is way wrong. The hibiscus is appliqued on and then I felt it needed some free motion embroidery in yellow to give it a wee touch of highlight. It is backed in a funky black fabric with groovy white retro type flowers, and has side slots so he can run poles up it. Should look very bright and draw the customers.
Meanwhile, I sit here in my PJ's after having walked 14.5km in 2 hours as Tanya and I do our pre-training for the Hamilton Half Marathon in early October. Mmmmm not sure quite which bits of me are aching tonight, but feel happy that we improved both our distance/time on last weekends training walk. Yay.



  1. Hi Maree,
    The banner looks awesome & I bet that both John & Tanz are delighted with it! I am impressed with the marathon training - you go girl! I am also pretty excited to see you open shop on Felt... maybe that could have the bonus effect of funding the trip to Vietnam! :) Love your work, buddy xxx

  2. I love this! I have never had an artistic side so this kind of talent is amazing to me. Do you only do this for friends or do you sell any of these? I would definitely be interested in purchasing.

  3. It looks lovely Maree! well done! I'd stop, if I saw that banner flying! ;-)

  4. Hey Smarty, thanks for your positive support on all fronts. Nice to think it could be a marathon but I'll start with a half:) And need to get that Felt shop sorted too. Been a bit busy with the job application and teaching...excuses, excuses!

  5. Maria I know you have talents in other areas that probs I don't have. And I bet those boys of yours keep you super busy!!!!! I am aiming to set up an online shop so watch this space. But if you wanted something specific in the way of a flag or banner just give me some ideas:)