Monday, September 20, 2010

You Go-Go girl!

 Yep, it was a fun night had by all at the 60's themed 50th birthday at the weekend, and somehow I did manage to whip myself up a wee dress on Saturday afternoon after returning from dropping the birthday girls outfit off to her.
Here's what hers looked like originally 
It was a classic long lined skirt in a lovely (I say that with tongue in cheek) nylon based fabric homemade skirt, fully lined with a zip in the side. Somehow I was to turn this into a wonderful outfit that would resemble something that the gorgeous slim actress that starred alongside Austin Powers would wear so Christine would look eeeeeexactly like her. Unfortunately I am unable to work miracles. 
However this is what I did manage to produce
It's a bit hard to get a real idea of what it looks like being flat on the floor but think halter and I think you get the picture. Must admit it would've been very helpful to have the lady in question handy for a fitting!!!!!
So then came my own outfit. When I had been scrummaging last week for batting I had discovered this groovy fabric in a chest that I had completely forgotten about and still don't know where on earth I picked it up from 

  but isn't it just ideal? Talk about groovy baby:)
I know I suit the same halter style that I had designed Chris's dress around and had a few modifications I could work on, so what the hey, why not just develop that. 
SO, voila - this is what I managed to create for moi

 And you will not believe it, but on the way back from dropping Chris's dress off I stopped at a wee op shop down the road from her place that just happened to still be open on a Saturday afternoon and.......... yep, there were these white boots - in my size - for the grand sum  of $4!!!!!!!! It was karma.
Put it all together and here was the end result (although the photos are a little grainy cos they are just taken with my wee carry round camera) 

That's the birthday girl on the left and me on the right - we decided we could be the NZ group "The Chicks" but then decided perhaps best not to break out into song.

 And that's we girls joined by my Vince. Man, you've gotta love those white boots. Unfortunately you can't see that I have, in fact, got green tights on not dark ones as the photo seems to show.
So, I am indeed a true child of the 60's. Although I was in fact a baby of the 60's and don't think I would ever have quite got to party in the 60's!!!!!
Now, must get cracking and head to the sewing machine as have 2 quilts to get made for this weekend!!!!!!!


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