Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Phew - interview over, and a project completed

Yep, I had an interview for the job I applied for last week. Not quite sure why I chose the first slot of the morning, but at least it didn't give me much time to work myself into a state of total nervousness!!!!!! Now it's just a matter of waiting 'til probably Monday to find out. I've developed a bit of a if its meant to be philosophy - never been quite this relaxed about the whole interview thing before. Would almost, al-most say I enjoyed it!!!!
I managed to borrow some pinking shears from a friend (really must get my own ones back) and finish a project that needed one little step done. 
Yes - here are the angels. You might recognise them from that piece of embroidery that was in an earlier post. Don't they look much nicer now?
I'm a bit of a sucker for hearts and the designs just seemed to fit the shape perfectly. Think I might add a wee bow at the top and a ribbon hanger. For some reason though when I started cutting round the fourth heart the pinking shears decided they really were a bit tired and started chewing the fabric so I've still to finish that one.
Can't wait to get into my sewing room tomorrow and find another project to finish.


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