Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Jandals (or thongs) finally revealed....

I love being able to surprise people and today was a goodie:) This particular quilt was for the young teacher I released when she was just a newbie, and have watched her grow in so many ways. She is such a unique young woman, became a wife, and a little over a year ago a new mum to Kaea (who is just the bestus wee girl). KB turned one in June and this is the quilt I made for her
I think she kind of liked it!!!!! It's based on a Mary Lou Weidman pattern, and the colours are just perfect for Kaea's room.

When Rochelle left our school I hadn't quite finished her quilt so gave her the label for the back of it, with a promise the quilt wouldn't be long. BUT when I did complete the quilt top I never really felt it was right. Several years have gone by, and it was only a few months ago that "the" right quilt idea come along. I organised a block swap with Kiwiquilters, an online quilt group and this block was one of the swaps I had going round. The ladies who made blocks have done an outstanding job - I gave some background of Roch's personality, events and life happenings, and they captured these. Right down to the fact that she wore silver jandals (or thongs) on her wedding day.
And this is what I was able to put together for her
I have amazed myself in having blocks come 'home' to me from a swap and getting them put together and a quilt finished within a week!!!!!!! Talk about a record.
The border fabric is of bright coloured jandals scattered across a white background, which I picked up ages ago. I had fun quilting it, and have written lots of wee words for Rochelle to discover, affirming the fabulously multi-talented woman she is.
We had our mummy coffee group today, so I managed to sneakily organise for some of the teachers who had been at school when Rochelle was there to join us during their lunchtime, and that was when I made the surprise presentation. It hadn't been easy to stop Roch from taking Kaea home for her lunchtime sleep, either!!!!!!!

KB was so cuuuuute as she tried to put her feet in the jandals, because the thongs or straps are free from the background, being attached only at the side and the toe part. Then she had fun finding each of the buttons and other interesting bits at the toe points. Now both Mummy and Kaea Belle have their own quilts.
And of course a label - but funny - I sewed it upside down on the top corner!!!!!! But decided that added to the uniqueness of the whole quilt.
So, a really special quilt for a 'real' woman.
Big hugs, Rochelle.



  1. Wow, on both of them...how inspiring you are...
    love the wee one cuddle up on it...
    honey child you are one lovely lady...
    blessings madame samm
    ) ps. thanks so much for your lovely comment too at Quilt taffy...

  2. Inspiring is right. Your talents are intimidating even! so lovely to be there with all those special girls and witness once more to your amazing creativityx

  3. What a wonderful thong quilt! Love the painted toenails and all!

    Thank you for your comment on thrift store shopping. Sounds like you've got some very creative ideas. I love your jeans pocket resume! Bet you got that job!