Saturday, September 18, 2010

'All you need is love' baby quilt

Where has the week gone? Well, I can actually answer that as I've been happily attached to my sewing machine:)
I was able to give the mum-to-be the baby quilt today and she was just so pleased with it.
This is how it started out 
I had a piece of fabric with the printed nursery print blocks in the bright primary colours with the black and white lurking in my stash so thought it was a great starting point. Aims loves aqua and I had used some of this aqua fabric in the quilt I had made to celebrate her wedding, so it seemed to work really well with these.
I bordered the blocks in a black fabric that was scattered with small red and blue patterns which looked fab. 
And then the back I managed to piece from polar fleece, which I thought would be great for Aims as the house they are living in has polished wood floors, and I was thinking this could be a blankie to throw on the floor for bubs to lie on.
And just to tie it all up - there was one block left that worked brilliantly for a label:)
Now can't wait for this wee treasure to make his or her presence known but that won't be until October sometime.
This is the quilt I made Aims for her wedding on behalf of our school - the photo isn't the best and I'm waiting for one from her now that it is in her home but it gives you an idea of her love of aqua.
It was sewn onto a blanket I had had as a child so was very special in lots of ways.
RIght, heading off to a 60's themed 50th birthday. Made my dress and the birthday girls dress so will post photos tomorrow........well, only if they look ok.



  1. What a sweet baby quilt - love the label block on the back - just perfect! Hope you enjoyed the 60's party:)

  2. The black and white checks make a great border to the blocks. Lucky Baby.

  3. Awesome stitching, bud... glad you are working your way through your stash! Looking forward to the frock photo :)

  4. Can't wait to see photos today of the party!!!! What an adorable baby quilt and how fun to hear the Beatles play in my mind while seeing the quilt! Happy Sunday, Em

  5. Wow wow wow, not only have I been graced with a bee u ti fool quilt of my own, but I am here looking at more gorgeous creations and far out this site is looking awesome! It fills me with spring air, hope and the magic of possibilities. You rock ree.