Monday, August 30, 2010

A finished find

Home alone at the weekend and I seemed to have fits and spurts of energetic moments. Which has resulted in wee piles of part projects or decluttering scattered around the house - oops!!!!
But I did have some productive episodes along the way!!
Remember those two yellow placemats I picked up a couple of weeks back from the op shop? Well....
Da da!!!!! Aren't they cute? I'm really pleased with how they turned what were plain ol' yellow placemats into funky mats.
Here's the pukeko - one of our native swamp loving birds with his funny white tail feathers and lovely blue body. They are a kooky sort of bird that intrigue me. And yes, they do have a reddish beak 
                                  Then, of course, there is our dear ol' kiwi.
This chap is particularly appealing with his rotundness. I chose to do him in a more orange toned fabric to lift him rather than browns. Think the feet fabric was pretty groovy.  

So all in all I am feeling quite proud of myself that from woe to go these placemats have not become stuffed in a cupboard as "something I'll do one day".  
Not sure what I'll do with them now.

Although I did make an unconscious decision on Saturday that as September 1 is officially Spring maybe that would be a good day to set my sights on launching my Felt shop.  Perhaps they could be one of the first stock items to go on the midget magic 'shop'......mmmmm..... and how many days away might that be?


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  1. I didn't know what Felt was but I just looked it up - you should totally go for it!