Thursday, August 19, 2010

Exciting treat!

The knock on the door was our friendly courier man bearing a parcel with a surprise - Vince and I had won a competition we'd entered the other weekend when we'd gone up to Auckland to go to the first Auckland Art and Craft Fair, held at the Art Gallery. Yipee!!!!!!

Such cool packaging - but can't see what's inside! Gee, what's a girl to do? Mmmmm......
...... well didn't have to think too long about that one!!!!!!!!!

Check out all those sweet goodies from the Frankie magazine peeps. Way cool. This neat pack includes the latest Frankie mag, their Sweet treats baking mag, Frankies 'the photo album' (might sneak that in Em's birthday parcel- shhh don't tell her), some very cute Frankie postcards, cards, and button badges, a very sweet t-shirt and dah-dah-dah---dah ------
What's this?
"Open me for a treat......
AND what a treat! A 6 month subscription to Frankie magazine. And even better I can start it from when my current one (thanks Em and Jen) ends.
What a lovely prize pack that was. And I really enjoyed the craft market, even though it was kind of cramped in the Auckland Art Gallery foyer. Maybe next time they will have it in a bigger space. There were some amazingly creative people there who really deserved more space for all the people who were trying to get to their stalls. But I think no-one expected it to be so successful.
Can't wait for the next one - maybe we can win another competition!!!!!!!!
It certainly helped put a little less blah in the blah day.



  1. Hello Maree, I love your blog--especially the hearts! Thanks for joining mine. We'll see more of each other over time. Isn't this a fun way to make friends?

    LeeAnn in Seattle, Washington, USA

  2. Hey LeeAnn. Wow! My first comment from someone who's not family:) Thanks so much for visiting and yep, it'll be nice getting to know you. I loved seeing your bright and funky work - it is so like me!!!!! I can't wait to post some of my patchwork on the blog as I get back into it but am staying quite focussed on other things at the moment. This is such a new world to me and so exciting. Fun, fun, fun:)

  3. Hi, I´m Marta, I´m brasilian and I came to visit your blog and i love it. If you want to visit my blog too, welcome.

  4. That's awesome Mumsy! Stoked that you won, and even sweeter that you get to continue your subscription. Feel free to send The Photo Album over to me, I wouldn't mind taking it off your hands . . . Erin has it, so now I can be as cool as her ;)