Monday, August 23, 2010

Black n white n zing quilt

While Sam's having a super experience in Jakarta, we headed off to his best friends 21st birthday armed with a quilt that I hope he will like. Pete and Sam were at primary school from when we moved up from the South Island, and have been through high school, rowing, and many experiences that probably I'd rather not know about!!!!!!!! So I wanted to give him something that, while he might not necessarily have put on his "Top Ten List of 21st Presents" , when he was older he might come to realise the meaning and love that had gone into making it.
I've always been a fan of the stunning clarity of black and white but this quilt particularly appealed with the addition of the bright jewel colours. Think it's the rainbow and sunshine part of me coming out :) Of course Pippa felt a particular affinity for this one - must be something to do with the similarity of her fur colouring!!!!!!!!
It was interesting how some of the black and white fabrics I went to use almost read cream and just didn't work. The squiggles worked in helping bring the border colours into the main part and link everything together.
We gave Pete his present but he didn't open it at the party so I don't know yet how he feels about it........mmmmmmm. Have my fingers and toes crossed on this one.



  1. All of this is so creative. Looking forward to following your blog.

  2. Those touches of color in the border are genius! You made a very beautiful quilt!! I'm sure he will love it!!!

  3. Hey Maria and Victoria. Thanks for stopping by. I'm still at the stage of fizzing when I see I have a comment - so exciting to think people are visiting me:) Have yet to hear if the quilt is ok ......... Victoria the colour did lift it - so not like me to not have colour in my life!!!!!! And Maria, loved reading your giveaway offer;so nice that it is for a family.

  4. Maree, I LOVE LOVE the wonky border and the sprinkle of color!!!!!!