Friday, August 6, 2010

Working on reverse pyschology in sewing room organisation!

Right - taking a big deep breath as I am about to bare all......... no, no flesh is involved but something worse in some respects - my craft space!!!!!!!! I am really very spoilt in that I have a whole room that I can call my place but it is not very organised. In fact I keep procrastinating when it comes to sorting. I do make small inroads but then get sidetracked and start another project and ...... well I'm sure you know how it is. SO I figured that I would use reverse pyschology of sorts. Without further ado I am going to show you my space without Photoshopping!!!! I am hoping that by baring all it might just make me actually do a bit of decluttering and sorting so that in December I can post some "after" shots and you will be amazed. As will I.
I love my library catalogue drawers but as you can see they are just a wee bit lost currently. But hey just wait til December ... nothing like a challenge - especially now I've made it public! Mmmmmm maybe I should head in there now and spend half an hour doing a wee bit of sorting. But where to begin????? Any ideas would be more than welcome. 

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