Friday, August 27, 2010

New look and whizzing week

How exciting - the launch of the 'midgetmagic' prototype logo via the banner for the blog. What do you think???? I reckon between my initial in-my-head idea and Emma's design it has come out pretty jolly well. Yippee!!!!
Still not 100% sure about the background of this page but will give it a week before making my final decision......
Anyway, it has been an up week - definitely no more blah. A walk up the Papamoa Hills to set me off on Monday 
I must admit I struggled going up, but actually managed to run most of the way down. Gee I hate going up hills but looooooove coming down:) Was a bit windy up the top but simply stunning - roll on spring.
By the time I got home after a slight detour to the op shop in Te Puke to see if there were any teapots for cousin Belinda (and no there weren't but I did somehow come out with a bag of goodies) it was early afternoon and I was suddenly struck by an overwhelming guilt at how neglectful I had been towards my poor wee car. So for the next hour and a half I lovingly washed her.
(and no, that photo is not taken at home but when I was in wet Auckland a month or so ago). She is now amazingly brighter in her yellowness and far happier I am sure. I do wonder, though, why I had children? Was one of the reasons not to have them washing dishes and cars? Must make sure I vacuum the inside before the week is out though so she is completely spic and span. 
Ongoing is the decluttering and organising of the sewing room, and I am constantly finding treasures. 
I found these poor gathering of angels scrunched up and rather dishevelled, looking the worse for wear. Funnily enough I had found the patterns for them earlier in the week.
Obviously when I stitched them I had some wonderfully masterful plan for their final outcome........heaven only knows (pardon the pun) what that might have been, especially now that there are marks on the fabric that will not come out.
Now must be the time for Plan B to come into action, whatever that might be.......
Watch this space.
The other thing keeping me busy this week and stopping me from being truly creative is that I have been working on my cv
Uggh - not the best of photos of the cover as it's in a plastic sleeve but you get the idea. Need to polish my covering letter and then drop it in tomorrow - oops, that'd be today. The position is an interesting one that is for a period from September to December and would add to my current skills, while still allowing me to develop the 'midgetmagic' journey. Will see what happens.


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