Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Home sweet home cushion

Yay! I've been planning to make this cushion for ages and finally got my act together over the weekend and finished it.

I had some of the felt badges from family trip double ups, and got the others off Trade Me. I cringe when I think I had a whole lot when I was a kid but sent them off to the op shop in a bag of stuff when I packed up my mum and dad's place!!!!!!
Anyway, I was pleased with the final design on the old grey woollen blanket but the top bit looked a bit bland until I embroidered the running stitch red wool 'HOME'. Yep, that was the finishing touch.
The back is pretty groovy too with the red wool blanket stitching and the buttons are some old ones off vintage coats and clothes.

So all in all I'm pretty happy with the final result. 
This one is destined for the pool room where the decorating theme is Kiwiana, and the colour scheme of the living area/bedroom is red, black, white and grey.
So nice to actually start and finish a project!!!!!!!!!
And even better to have used materials that were pretty much on hand and not purchased - reusing and repurposing. Gotta love that.


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