Sunday, August 8, 2010

Triple Treat Thursday

Strange title I know considering it's Sunday, but in amongst everything I did have to mention happenings of Thursday.
After an impromptu lunch with Vince, we popped into the tyre shop as the yellow VW's tyres were somewhat low on air. I know, I was being a pathetic female but am happy to let blokes do their job in this area. As it was, the nice Beaurepaires man discovered that indeed one tyre was more than low; it had a puncture and he proceeded to extract a jolly great long nail!!!!! 20 minutes later he despatched me with a happy pumped wee car without charge - what a sweetie. Must bake some muffins and drop them in cos it's not often you get something done for nothing, especially as I thought we were being cheeky going in there just to get air put in!!!!
So with a spare hour on my hands before I had to get the youngest son from school I treated myself to a spot of op shopping. And look at the treasure I managed to come away with......
I can't resist doilies or pretty linen embroidery and at 50cents these I couldn't pass up. I have seen a picture of a quilt that I am going to attempt so one of these is going to be ideal for it. They have already been popped into the doilie basket so no lying around for them!
The bag with the dandelion print on it I also couldn't resist as it is so in keeping with the design concept I have for the 'midget magic' logo. At 50cents it, too, just seemed a must have. And you can never have too many handy bags.
The Frankie mag is one I haven't seen - last December - and it is the magazine that one of Emma's friends introduced me to in January. Very inspiring in its funky creativity, and I was so spoilt when Em and Jen gave me a subscription for my birthday.
Now, the last treasures are two yellow placemats which I am going to upcycle. I know exactly what I am going to applique onto them and am not even going to put them into the sewing room for fear they will get lost amidst the chaos!!!!!!! My goal is to have them done before next weekend.
So all in all it was a really positive Thursday - gotta love those sort of days.


  1. Who the heck would throw out a Frankie? Crazy world. The bag was a score too!

  2. and have the yellow placemats been appliqued before this weekend?