Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ikea Care Package

How lucky can a girl be? Not one but two surprise packages this week. I just love getting parcels in the post :) This one wasn't hard to guess re it's place of origin as it was almost completely covered in tape that had Canadian maple leaves on it.
Oooooooh a parcel from Emma and Jen. Wonder what this was all about?????? Well, as you know I'm pretty good at opening presents so...........
Oh boy!!  They've been to Ikea. Why don't we have an Ikea in New Zealand????? Oh why???? But I guess it makes moments like these just so much fun. Now I have zip loc bags in almost all the colours of the rainbow. All I need now is the pot of gold at the end (teehee). Very funny re the Pop Tarts container. You can't actually get Pop Tarts in supermarkets here, but my buddy Sam took me to a special place in Auckland not too long ago so now I know where to get some .... so guess where I'll have to go next visit to the big smoke? 
I was able to share some of the wee matchbox post-it notes with Mal's young lady Jordan, and my cousie Bee. They are too cute for words. And of course I'm not meant to be buying myself stationery but that doesn't mean other people can't buy it for me!!!!!!!!
But look at these ...
Oh Jen - how did you know I was having a flat world week?????
These will now be my oh so special glasses to lift my world should I have blah times again.
So to the sewing room they have gone ........
....... and into their own wee kimono pouch on my 'Happy' board so they will always be within reach. They're right beside my Fairy Godmother Wishing Powder and wee wand, and the funky doll I bought when we were on Granville Island, Vancouver, so in very good company.
Wow, blah week sure took a real turnaround.
Surprises are just so great - makes me think maybe I should surprise someone and make their day turnaround.


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