Wednesday, August 18, 2010

CIrcle of Hearts on a Blah day

It's been a strange sort of week so far - a blah week. Can't put my finger on it really. Not achieving a lot and just doing the 'have tos'.
I managed to head into my sewing room yesterday afternoon and distract myself for a few hours sorting the cabinet that my sewing machine sits in (yes, the beginning of the very public challenge I issued myself here on my blog about sorting that room).  It's actually quite satisfying once you start to get going, although I know I did do a lot of moving things from one spot to another!!!!!!!
However I did find a surprise - a bag containing a project started two summers ago.
Cool ay? BUT they didn't look quite like this when I found them! I had started them but they were in various stages of 'unfinished'.  I decided that I would use them as a wee extrinsic reward for working on sorting my room.
Every so often I would stop, and spend some time finishing one.
The love beads have been with me since I was a teenager - I can't remember how many times they have been tipped accidentally out of the jolly container onto carpet and then painstakingly picked up complete with bits of fluff!!!!!!!! I still have a bit of finishing to do on that heart.  I love the look of paua - can never tire of the beautiful mix of ocean colours, and particularly like the blend with silver.  The outline for this one is actually a kiwifruit tie (at least I think that's what it's called).
Another yummy paua one, and the one I feel super pleased with - the copper and mini starfish heart. The copper wire came from electrical wire Vince had been using when doing our renovations and was throwing out. Me being the scavenger I am had stripped the plastic off and dah-dah ........ look what I produced! Just the right colour to offset the gorgeous wee starfish. And no, they don't smell!!!!

I'm thinking they would make great Christmas decorations for a Kiwiana Christmas, or else lovely brooches. Or would look nice just hanging and being.

What a nice momentary break in a blah day.


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