Monday, October 18, 2010

Take one plain blue sewing chair...

...that really was long overdue for a bit of a pep up
Add some very funky Michael Miller 'Mending Madness' fabric picked up from Spotlight at some point in the past for a project in the future (must be this) - barely a metre though. SO there had to be some careful (yeah, right) planning and thinking, before cutting. 
Put it all together and you get this....
Voila!!!!! Now I am sure my butt will just be drawn to this chair and that my sewing will be soooooooo much funkier and fresher:)

Do I admit that I have walked past my sewing room several times and stopped to just gaze at my inviting chair??? Sad, I know.


  1. Holy, what a difference that makes to that old chair! V.nicely done, Mumsy.

  2. What a fab chair makeover!! Great idea - I must try that.